We are a family owned business and not a franchise. Servicing the Greater Brisbane Area including Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Moreton and Redland Bay Areas.


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Your Certified and Expert Computer Repair Service in Redcliffe.

We are a family-owned business servicing families across Redcliffe area for all their computer repairs needs. We at Computer Services Redcliffe understand how important your computers and files are to you, that’s why we only provide the highest quality of computer services rendered by certified expert technicians ensuring that your computers run like new once we’ve fixed them.

We offer a wide array of computer services to cater to all your computer repair needs, from computer setup to computer tuneup, hardware installs, software installs, hardware repairs, data recovery, data backup, and transfer, virus and spyware removal, and operating system install. Our services come with a full range of support services that ensure each and every aspect of your computer that needs repairs, both hardware, and software, are addressed.

We have over ten years’ expertise in computer services and can fix all types and brands of computers. What’s more, is that our services are designed for your convenience. We are onsite computer repairs service provider delivering expert computer services straight to your door, whether your computer is for home use or for office use.


We fix all types and brands of computers like IBM, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Apple/Mac, Toshiba, Samsung, Acer, and Asus to mention a few. Can’t find your computer brand on the list? Don’t worry, we can help fix any or model. Call us today to find out more about our computer repairs Redcliffe onsite services.

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Our services are designed to fix all types and brands of computers and laptops. We can fix your computer or laptop or setup your new equipment with our onsite services for a convenient and affordable solution to your computer repairs needs. Our services are rendered by Microsoft Certified Professionals ensuring that you get the highest quality service. Check out our list of services and choose one that best fits your computer repairs needs:


Create a safe and secure computing experience with personalised settings fit for your computer security needs. Our Computer and Network Security Services are designed to configure your computer settings ensuring that your files and important data are safe and secure.

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Computer Repairs Redcliffe offers computer setup services for an optimised and personalised configuration and settings of either new or old machines. We can help you setup your computer from hardware installation and configuration to software installation and settings.

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Keep your computer running at its optimal with our computer tune-up services that comes a full-range of support services. Solves slow computer problems and eliminates issues that may affect your computer’s performance.

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Need to transfer your files to a safe location to prevent data loss? Our Data Backup & Transfer service is designed to safely and securely backup and transfer data whether you want to transfer your files and personal to a new computer or backup your files to a storage device. Compatible with all types of device and supports all types of files.

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Recover and restore corrupted files and data with our Data Recovery Services, with proven experience that has yielded a high success rate. Our certified computer technicians are equipped with the right tools, expertise, and experience for onsite computer repairs and data recovery.

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Configure email settings, synchronise across multiple devices, and setup your email account for added functionality. Our email service is designed for both desktop and mobile email configuration. We can help setup your account in your preferred email platform and configure your email client programs for POP3 and STMP setup.

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Our general troubleshooting service comes with a full range of support services that helps identify and analyse areas that may need tune-up or repair to keep your computer running at its optimal. General troubleshooting addressed both hardware and software aspects ensuring that all components and aspects of your computer or laptop is in top condition.

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We can help install new or additional hardwware on your desktop pc, laptop, or network. Computer repairs redcliffe hardware installs service ensures that the newly added hadrware is properly installed and configured in your computer system.

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We can help repair hardware components that are not functioning properly. A faulty component may affect the overall performance of your computer or laptop. Our hardware repair service helps identify which hardware needs repair and applies that right fix to keep your computer running in its top condition.

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Provides you with the needed reports to accompany your computer insurance claim to send to your insurer. Our insurance reports service includes a diagnostic process that identified the cause of the problem and the extent of the damage. Includes recommendations on whether the damaged component is for repair or replacement.

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We can help setup your mobile device for personalised settings including installation and configuration of various mobile apps, email settings, and other features, Our mobile device setup supports Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phones, and other gadgets.

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Need to install or update your computer’s operting system? Our operating system install and repair service supports all types of OS like Windows, MacOS, OSX, Linux, UNIX, to mention a few.

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Wirelessly connect your computer with other computers and gadgets with your network. we can help setup, install, and configure a wireless home network that integrates your computer or laptop to a safe a secure network.

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We can help install and configure a new peripheral device in your computer like printers, scanners, cameras, additional monitors, audio cards storage devices modem cards, wireless input devices, webcams, and more.

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Our software install service helps you setup and customise the settings of your preferred software and apps. Supports all types of software and versions with smart selection of software defaults for a fast and east custom installation process.

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We also offer one-on-one training sessions to help you understand and develop skills on computer and technology related topics. Our scope covers various training levels from basic to advanced.

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Eliminate risks and threats like malware, virus, and spyware that may compromise the safety and security of your personal data and files. Our virus and spyware removal service helps identify and eliminate potential threats in your system.

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Want a custom built computer? Our new computer build service offers the flexibility that you need to build a computer tailored to your specifications. We can build custom computers for gamers, home users, 3D designers, photo and video editing professionals, and business users.

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We can design and develop a custom website for your brand, company, or personal profile. We can work on a new website design or add modifications to your existing website. Our website design services are offered on a per hour rate which lets you manage and monitor hours spent working on your website.

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Improve search rankings and convert leads to sales with our SEO services. Includes initial ranking report, competitor analysis, keyword research, website SEO auditing, website content optimisation, and link building. With regular monthly reports that lets you monitor how each keyword is performing.

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Did not find your computer’s or device’s brand on the list? Don’t worry! Computer Services Redcliffe services are not limited to those on the list. Give us a call at 3155 2004 and we will be right at your service!


Our services run deep and are backed by over ten years of experience.

Affordable & Extraordinary Service

We do acknowledge that we live in financially tiring times and the impact of inflation on our lives is quite intensive. Our preference is on offering our clients free software alternatives instead of expensive ones. Saving your money without affecting the quality of service and repair is a daunting task indeed and it requires in-depth research and analysis.

Our technicians however, being computer geeks and IT professionals, have complete know-how about free credible software. We can easily provide you a reliable, free version of different software to save your money. Our technicians’ service packages are client-centric and in Brisbane Southside and Northside, including Eastern and Western suburbs. We also service areas in Logan, Ipswich, Redland, Inner City and Moreton Bay. People from all walks of life can count on us for computer related issues.

Experience Counts

Our technicians’ experience speaks for itself! No matter what issue you might be having with your computer, our technicians can fix it way more quickly than others. They are Microsoft Certified Professionals and hence are familiar with the workings of Windows and all kinds of problems, errors, or viruses that may hinder its performance.

Our technicians have worked with some of the finest IT firms and have learned that some viruses are “silent performers” as they keep digging for information slowly, without making you notice any difference. They are experts in identifying and removing these smooth criminals apart from regular viruses.

Personalized Year Round Service

Our technicians’ forte is that they offer personalized service to clients all over Greater Brisbane including Logan, Ipswich, Moreton Bay, Redland and Inner City. You can consult our technicians for computer repairs, assessment, system upgrading and replacement of old parts without any hesitation. 

We will offer you the most feasible and affordable solution for your computer. We know that this is the digital age and people always need to keep their computers in an optimal condition. Therefore, we offer service all throughout the year. To make sure that you don’t face computer related stresses and worries, we never take a break whether it is a holiday or a weekend.

Full Range of Computer Services

Our technicians can easily repair all makes and models of desktops including brands such as Acer, Lenovo, IBM, HP, Panasonic, Dell, Compaq, Samsung, Toshiba, and Sony, to name a few. Even if your desktop is old and tired, we can fix it and make it work just like new.

Should you discover an issue affecting the performance of your PC or laptop, you can have it fixed within the shortest possible time. You can confidently contact us to fix your PC or laptop issues because we have the best technicians in Greater Brisbane including Logan, Inner City, Redland, Moreton Bay and Ipswich.


Our clients love us! And we hope to hear from you soon!


If you’ve Google Computer Repairs near me and you live in Redcliffe, We are ready to service your computers! Reach out today!

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